We would like to present you our new sanitization system. It consist of two articles: one indoor fogger and an oilless free air compressor.

Our Indoor Fogger is designed to be used with an oilless air compressor for disinfection of Indoor small areas. The compressed air enables a special nozzle to siphon the liquid from the tank and to spray it creating a perfectly dry fog which contains VOC of Chlore. The size of these VOC is only 8 Microns. The fall speed is 1 meter per hour enabling to the Chlore solution to disinfect perfectly the whole area.

If used with correct disinfection products can be used in human environment the Inddor fogger apparatus can saturate a room of 15 square meters, approx equalt o 40 cubic meters, in 20 minutes only.

Vey recommended for disinfection in offices, shops, dentist and physiotherapy offices, bars and restaurants, vehicles, toilets, houses, etc.....

An important advantage is that the fog is DRY